Friday, July 23, 2010

Cousin bath time!

So Aaron has finally decided that he likes the 'big boy bath tub.' Yes that's right folks...Aaron has been taking a bath in the sink for over a year now. We have been working on the 'transition' for a VERY LONG TIME now - don't was hard. But NOW....He LOVES his bath. Tonite, since Matt and Lori came to visit, we decided that the boys could take a bath together tonite. Here is the fun between our boys that Lori and I witnessed...I tried to hide the 'boy-ness' parts.


Rachel said...

That is just down right CUTE!!!! However, I do need to understand why there are one TWO pictures when you said you took 90. Regardless, very cute! Can't wait to see you guys really soon! :) :)

Joel and Andrea said...

Adorable little boys!! :-) Maybe now when you're over here late Aaron will not have a melt down over a bath with Aiden. Ha.Ha.Ha. Oh...the memories our boys are going to make together.

Virginia said...

He looks like he loves it. Yay!